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A $100 value that includes:

* 2 Semi-private Training Sessions

* 3 Group Training Sessions

* Free Body Scans

Proof of local residency is required.


We Take Your Results Very Seriously

With GO: Fitness, it’s not about the money spent, it’s about the value you get for your money. This is the reason why we focus on connecting with members, help you to get involved in the fitness gym, and get in the habit of using the health club. We want GO: Fitness to be a value to you.

GO: Fitness Center Italian Village membership Included

Our Fitness and Training Expertise

Owner Nick Osborne has been in the fitness and personal training industry for over 20 years. He knows that 24-hour access or 100 treadmills will not keep you coming to the gym or make you successful. It is our connection with the members, our customer service, and giving members all the tools they need to get lasting results in a fun way.

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GO: Fitness Center Italian Village wants to make sure you reach your goals. Just fill out the form below for instant access to 10 Secrets To Rapid Fat Loss and Better Fitness by our best Personal Trainer.

You will also receive our warm up video for free.

We teach you how to use the equipment.

Our fitness gym focuses on you from the beginning.
Each person gets a personalized tour of our Fitness Gyms in Columbus. We ask what your goals are and what you want out of a membership to make sure we are a fit for you. Then we show you how the club, small group fitness classes, and fitness center can help you reach your goals.

Wear what makes you feel comfortable.

We give you every tool to make you successful; such as free exercise and nutrition software, free fitness newsletters, and built-in (free) monthly personal training consultation. We are even going to call you if you are not using your membership. We care about you, provide solutions tailored to meet your individual needs and help you be successful.


You only need to want lasting results.

Our fitness gym focus also includes training the staff.
The personal success of each gym member is why we are in business, and our training focus on that. Each of our staff members participates in 100 hours of training on attitude and attention on how to make your experience better and help you get results.