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In the previous few years there has been a move on the way to making training more Practical. There are many instructors and coaches that are making a switch to this training philosophy each day, but practical training is actually any kind of exercise that has direct association to the activities people perform in daily life.

Whether you are a skilled or amateur athlete, or you are not in sports at all, practical training by a personal trainer can help you exercise your body to be healthy and more functional in your day to day life.

The main point of useful  training is not to exercise definite muscles in isolation, but instead to exercise the entire body in ways that mimic natural, daily movements and things we do every day. This is one of the best ways to improve body strength and fitness, and boost metabolism.

This form of training became very popular amongst many different groups of people: professional athletes use this training to uphold their fitness, many women during pregnancy also use functional training to become stronger for the months following birth, and also ordinary people who spend many hours sitting prefer it to shape their body.

Many coaches and personal trainers have moved to functional training sessions because training athletes with actions that don’t occur in the sport simply makes no sense. The key to success, no matter what you do in your life, is to unite movement into your life, and a training program by Columbus personal trainer that prepares the body for the actions that we do on a daily basis is a great place to get started.


Interval training is the best way to burn fat, and boost your metabolism. Not to mention the other health benefits like huge cardiovascular benefits for your heart and better stamina and muscle mass. For years this system has been used by professional and Olympic athletes as part of their exercise program.

The two most shared reasons why people are not happy with aerobic exercise alone, is the absence of time available to focus on it, and lack of results. Interval training involves short bursts of a high-intensity workout followed by a short low-intensity period. The procedure is swapped out over the course of the workout. It is rapid and blasts your body fat like no other form of exercise. As a result, you don’t have to do it every day, you can get away with just a few times each week.

So just how does interval exercise boost digestion and accelerate weight loss? Through the course of your exercise by a personal trainer, you increase the blood flow to your heart and use the oxygen to convert carbs and excess fat into energy.

You burn energy quicker than with steady state/continuous speed cardio, since interval training will help your body continue to burn calories for an hour and a half to a full 24-hours after you exercise.

To maximize your interval training it is a good idea to get some help from a personal coach. A personal trainer in Columbus can design a plan that is tailored to your fitness level and goals. Your program will be adjusted as your level of fitness increases to make sure that you are always getting the greatest benefit and progressing as necessary.


It is official: Ohio is the eighth most-obese state in the US–well, at least according to a Gallup Inc. survey. The study also exposed that about 31% of the Buckeye State’s population is obese, based on 2013 statistics. This doesn’t sit well, obviously, now that obesity is considered a serious disease by most health authorities. The Dayton Business Journal expounds on the ailment:

“Obesity — defined in this study as having a BMI, or Body Mass Index, of 30 or more — brings with it a host of chronic diseases, as well as business costs from higher health care rates.

Overall, the U.S. obesity rate rose to 27.1 percent in 2013 from 26.2 percent in 2012 and up from 25.5 percent in 2008.”

With all the delightful things to eat in Ohio, it’s no surprise that the trend toward obesity is increasing in the area—implying also that not many Ohioans are living a healthy lifestyle and spending time in a reputable Columbus fitness center like Go Fitness Center. This negative outcome is understandable, however, because the process of staying fit really does take away plenty of precious time, which many people simply do not have.

Still, the survey should be a wake-up call to draw the attention of citizens to all the possible sickness they can get just by being overweight. The more obese people become, the more likely they will suffer from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and even depression—the three things that commonly hit large individuals, according to Gallup.

Of course, that doesn’t mean everyone should start exercising right off the bat; a little drive, though, can help the body release some of its stored energy. Harvard University believes that obesity is not as easy as it looks because issues like age, body size, and genes all play a role in it. The main factor, though, is the amount of energy that a person expends every day, which can also be translated to the amount of calories he burns daily.

In essence, obesity happens when there’s too much energy stored up, as a result of living a sedentary lifestyle. Releasing pent-up energy is what regular exercise hopes to address. The World Health Organization and US Health Department recommends about two and a half hours of physical activity every week for a person to stay fit “in relative safety”. Too much physical activity can result in long-term injuries, muscle strains, or worse.

Determining the best type of exercise should be left in the hands of a reliable Fitness trainer in Columbus, like those at Go Fitness Center. When considering the amount of energy Ohioans need to release, the state obviously has plenty of catching up to do.

(Source: Ohio among top 10 most-obese states, Dayton Business Journal, March 7, 2014)

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Obesity is one of America’s most serious health problems. In fact, a third of all people in the US are measured obese by the American Medical Association. While the problems carried by obesity, like diabetes and enlarged blood pressure, are known to all, obesity also has a negative emotiona leffect. In a report from Dayton’s ABC 22, as much as 69 percent of obese women experience some sort of bias from their doctors, thanks to the public stigma on obesity.

In 2013, Ohio ranked as the 13th most obese state in the US. People believe that obesity is caused by reckless eating, but the truth is much more complicated than that: economic and social conditions also have a role in it. Regardless of the reasons, however, it is clear that obesity needs to be addressed right away.

To fight obesity, one of things an afflicted person can do is to start working out at a renowned Columbus gym, like Go Fitness Center. While home remedies and surgical procedures are available, weight loss training programs are arguably better at fighting obesity for various reasons.

First of all, Columbus personal trainers understand the different circumstances that people go through to stay fit. This allows them to develop exercise programs that aren’t just designed to meet individual fitness goals, but also tailored to suit a person’s psychological and emotional needs.

Furthermore, personal trainers know the right kind of exercise that an individual needs to become fit. For example, a tailored Columbus personal training program can see to it that certain cardio exercises wouldn’t result in injuries due to overexertion. Doing too many crunches and push-ups can result in serious consequences, like back problems and shoulder sprains.

Lastly, fitness trainers can assess the progress made by each individual and recommend additional exercise routines for staying fit. That way, a person would stand better chances of avoiding obesity once their fitness program is done. These post-exercises may vary from one person to another, and will require a lot of personal time, but can go a long way in improving a person’s physical and emotional well-being.

(Source: One Third Of Americans Are Obese, WEKF ABC 22, February 13, 2014)

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