The health benefits of regular exercise are quite well publicized, but this doesn’t change the fact that a lot of people still uphold sedentary lifestyles. The most common reasons cited include lack of time and inadequate motivation. Yet with grit and the appropriate motivation, it is, indeed, possible to stay on target with your fitness goals.

In major urban centers like Columbus, the capital and largest city of Ohio, some people who strike out on their own paths to fitness may find it tough to stick to regular exercise routines because they get easily distracted. Yet by enrolling in a gym, and adhering to a fixed workout schedule, you can get the focus you really need. Liz Noelcke’s article for Spark People
provides some advice on choosing the right Columbus health club for your fitness needs.

Finding the right health club is a lot like finding new restaurant. A good gym will fit your own distinctive personality, and motivate you to come back and exercise on a regular basis. Unlike a restaurant, joining a health club is a large financial obligation, so it’s even more important that you research your options before signing on the dotted line.

When seeing a particular gym, set up a tour and bring a list of questions you want answered. Try to set up this trip during the time you usually exercise. More often than not, the staff will give you a free day pass so you can try out the equipment, classes, and other amenities firsthand.

Likewise, the article further suggests considering the gym’s location, operating hours, clientele, cleanliness, equipment, available classes, and fees. You may want to check out gyms like Go: Fitness Center that more than meet the said criteria when it comes to tailored Columbus personal training programs. Your assigned fitness coach can help you stay focused on your physical fitness regimen and ensure that you observe the correct exercise form, frequency, and intensity.

If you’re finding it hard to keep in shape and lose all those unwanted pounds despite your very best efforts, it might be time to turn to a fitness expert. Remember, though, that signing up for a gym membership is only the first step toward fitness; you must also stay dedicated to your fitness regimen and complement regular exercise with a healthier lifestyle.


As you get older, staying in shape can become such a strenuous chore. There are several things that you need to take care of, such as errands to run, bills to pay, and other adult duties to fulfill. Faced with an overwhelming load of stuff to accomplish, can you ever have time to do something about your fitness?

Of course, you do. Exercise science expert and fitness book author Lisa M. Wolfe shares these reasons why participating in a group exercise is one of the most beneficial workouts for busy adults like you:

Motivation and Support – Taking part in a group exercise class can encourage you to keep up with your level of workout intensity. Most of the time, a group exercise fosters a positive atmosphere in pushing you to do better every time you have a class. In addition, a little competition, like challenging a workout buddy, can make you push yourself harder to maintain your training pace. You also get helpful feedback, inspiration and positive reinforcement with each meeting.

Diversity and Community – One of the popular reasons why a lot of people quit an exercise program is boredom. Group exercise classes in a Columbus gym like GO: Fitness Center typically offer a wide variety of group training regimens and styles to encourage you to stay on track. Furthermore, the camaraderie and sense of play in each workout can help you persist for long, as you don’t want your buddies down with excuses and laziness.

Safety and Structure – In addition to the buddy system, the instructors can guide you and your group on how to properly do certain exercises and to effectively optimize each training session. You are assured that your coaches know the foundations of every movement. Moreover, group sessions, as a rule, follow a precise routine: warm-ups first, followed by the main workouts, then cool-downs and flexibility drills to condition your bodies well.

If group training isn’t exactly your cup of tea, there are other options you can explore to manage your well-being. You can utilize helpful Columbus personal training sessions with a certified coach who, at first, will evaluate your fitness level, and then design a special workout particularly designed to help you realize your fitness goals. Whether you’re planning to lose weight, tone your body, or simply want to maintain a healthy body, working out can bring you great results and improve your lifestyle.

(Source: The Advantages of Group Exercise Classes, LiveStrong, 7 February 2012)


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) statistics, heart disease takes the lives of about 600,000 Americans annually, making it the leading cause of death in the country. Several people are aware of the factors that can influence the risk of heart disease, and are doing the best they could to prevent the coronary disease.

A news article from Consumer Affairs published last May 8, 2014 reveals the findings of a recent study showing how continued physical activity even after the age of 65 can help lessen chances of getting heart attacks:

In heart monitor recordings taken over five years, researchers found that people who walked more and faster and had more physically active leisure time had fewer irregular heart rhythms and greater heart rate variability than those who were less active.

Heart rate variability is the difference in time between one heartbeat and the next during everyday life.

“These small differences are influenced by the health of the heart and the nervous system that regulates the heart,” said Luisa Soares-Miranda, Ph.D., lead author of the study and a researcher at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston and the Faculty of Sport at the University of Porto in Portugal. “Early abnormalities in this system are picked up by changes in heart rate variability, and these changes predict the risk of future heart attacks and death.”

Most people are aware that continued moderate exercises in the long run can help mitigate risks of heart attacks. Although the study only includes people aged 65 and up, it doesn’t mean that younger people should wait for old age before they do any habitual exercises. This study should motivate them to start early and utilize their cardiovascular system right, which is often overlooked with today’s busy routine.

The best way to ward off heart disease is by converting one’s sedentary lifestyle into a more active one. Simple things like taking the stairs for one or two floors, taking a short walk during break time, stretching during commercial breaks, and biking to work are but some of the simpler yet effective means to keep a person in good physical shape. Those who want to stay fit with a regular schedule should find a gym in Columbus with a diverse selection of fitness classes and training programs.

To improve chances of stopping heart disease in its tracks and achieve a healthier lifestyle, a certified Columbus personal trainer can coach about the most suitable kinds of exercises for each person. These certified instructors can gauge a person’s strengths and weaknesses, devise a training plan that matches the student’s fitness level, oversee progress and keep the student inspired in achieving fitness goals.

(Source: Study finds an active senior lifestyle can lower heart attack risk, Consumer Affairs, 8 May 2014)


Running a marathon should not be done on a whim. Before people can participate in one, they need to condition their body first through workouts and training. In an article for, Christine Luff suggests that strength training is the most ideal program for runners and lists down their numerous benefits:

“2. You’ll increase your endurance and reduce fatigue.
Strength training helps your body better deal with the stresses of running. Your muscles will be able to perform longer before getting fatigued, which will help you maintain your proper running form.

3. You’ll run faster.
Improving your form and endurance also translates into faster overall pace, so strength training is an excellent way to get faster. Runners usually see improvements in their race times fairly soon after they add strength training to their regimens. All it takes is two or three 15- to 20-minute strength-training sessions a week to build more muscle mass.”

In Columbus, Ohio, the Capital City marathon (held on the first week of May) is a big deal. Locals planning to participate in this marathon can get started on a strength training program consisting of compound movement routines (like squats, bench presses, and step-ups) and bodyweight exercises (like lunges, planks, side leg lifts, and push-ups). Those who are unfamiliar with how to do these routines correctly may contact a Columbus gym for strength training to achieve optimum results.

At the gym, these locals can look into getting help from Columbus personal training specialists like those from Go Fitness Center to formulate a strength training program that plays to their abilities and strengths. Personal trainers ensure these locals stick to the correct techniques and form to avoid any injuries. In addition, personal trainers also see to it that these people develop the proper muscles for performing routines.

Undergoing a strength training plan with a personal coach also helps locals track their progress. Whether locals are close to reaching their goals or not, a personal coach will guide them every step of the way. This will let him adjust the program while making sure that it still meshes with his trainee’s level of fitness.

Marathons are so popular that some people can’t help but jump at the chance to join one. However, there is more to running a marathon than the desire and the right pair of running shoes. All runners will benefit sticking to a strength training program courtesy of personal training professionals.

(Source: 6 Benefits of Strength Training for Runners,, April 9, 2014)


Obesity and poor general health is a common problem in the United States, although Ohio may have these things in worse proportions. According to the United Health Foundation’s “America’s Health Rankings” report, the Buckeye State ranked 40th (out of 50 states) in terms of the overall quality of health of its citizens.

The Twinsburg Bulletin wrote, “Ohio residents suffer from air pollution, diabetes, and preventable hospitalizations, according to the report. A comparison of Ohio with top-ranked Hawaii, however, zeroes in on three preventable factors: obesity, smoking, and diabetes. Ohio is 38th for its prevalence of obesity, 39th for smoking and 45th for diabetes, the same factors that dragged 50th ranked Mississippi to the bottom of the chart.”

This information must serve as a rude awakening to those who think that a lifestyle change isn’t their concern. While the report also stated that only about 30 percent of the state’s adult population is considered obese, that figure has been increasing since 1990 and will continue to do so. If people find it difficult to start a simple exercise routine, then they should go to fitness centers to help them out.

Go: Fitness, a reputable Columbus gym and fitness center, employs a number of reliable personal trainers who can create, administer, and supervise exercise programs that are custom-made to suit their clients’ needs.

The inclusion of a trainer is deemed necessary by some experts because they’ve discovered that it’s not the strenuous and time-consuming process that turns people off to the whole weight-loss thing, but boredom and fear of injury.

With a helping hand that’s willing to support them, people may find it easier to carry out an exercise program and stick with it. It could range from simple jogging exercises to full-blown cardio and strength workouts every week. Not only that, the trainers can also monitor their client’s food intake so as to help him or her gain the right nutrients at the right amounts.

The other benefits of working with a Columbus personal training service is the guarantee that exercise routines are carried out properly and on time. A trainer can also determine if their client is indeed suited to a particular exercise to reduce the chances of injury. There is also the fact that people who work with personal trainers are obliged to follow their program and are thus more likely to lose weight no matter how tiring or laborious it may be.

If these things were remembered by heart, perhaps the next America’s Health Rankings report would present Ohio in a more positive light.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Ohio Ranked 40th State for Health, Twinsburg Bulletin, December 27, 2013)