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We want to help as many members be part of this great event as possible! We love to ride in this event because 100% of the money raised goes to cancer research!

When you join the GO: Fitness Pelotonia team, you will get:

  • Training protocol
  • Help with fundraising
  • Awesome jersey
  • Fun

Remember, all donations go to a worthy cause!

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Partner Exercises


It’s a great time to be a part of GO: Fitness when you can bring your friends in and have them train with you for free. Watch Coach Savanna video as she shares some awesome partner exercises with you.

If you have any questions, stop by the front desk!

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Avoiding Holiday Woes

Avoiding Holiday Woes!

Avoiding Holiday Woes!

The holidays are here and over-eating is upon us! So how do we prevent ourselves from over indulging? We can still have many of the things we enjoy with a little will power. Granted, that sounds easier said than done but through some quick research follow these tips and eat your way through the holidays with a clear conscience.

  • Eat the things you love compared to the things you like (Shaffner 2016). By doing so, you can help reduce the number of calories you will ingest. Think of it as the holiday “Eat this, not that” mantra. If you like the sweet potatoes more than mashed, eat the sweet potatoes instead of the mashed, but don’t eat both. Indulgence is “okay” so long as we exercise moderation.
  • The dessert 3-bite rule. The amazing first taste, satisfying second, and lingering third (Shaffner 2016). Clearly this does not mean do with each dessert at the table, but see above, go for the one you love and not just like. If holiday tradition is your thing, then go for your one holiday dessert in moderation.
  • Talk while eating! Not saying to talk with your mouth full, but talking between bites will help slow your eating down and for your bodies signals to catch up and let you know when you are full (Baar 2010).
  • Stay away from the buffet table while socializing! Chew sugar-free gum or suck on some sugar-free candy while being social so that it helps to avoid the nibbling while waiting on meal time (WebMd 2016).
  • Don’t arrive hungry. Have an apple or other healthy snack before arriving to parties. The one common thread in dietary research is that fiber intake helps to slow digestion and “crowds out” the overeating since we feel full longer (Freston 2012).

Clearly these are not all the holiday eating tips out there, but these 5 simple things can help curb our holiday eating pitfalls. The general rule we can see here is that moderation is the key to success. Don’t get discouraged while enjoying your holiday meals, but also don’t extend your holiday eating into multiple days. Your best options are always to consult a registered dietician for your best eating choices, or using credible resources can also help bring to light healthier eating options. One final tidbit of information is to burn the calories we are taking ingesting. How do we do that you ask? Come see Nick on Black Friday at noon to help burn some extra holiday calories!

You can download a copy of this article, Holiday Eating Tips here. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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Small Group Fitness


There are a wide variety of ways to encourage you to maintain your training regimen, but small group fitness is one of the best.  It’s not only a great starting point to working out, but it allows you to see how you’re suppose to lift and you get to make friends while you’re in there. Let’s look at some reasons why small group fitness training is good for you!

Benefits Of Small Group Fitness Training

Support System

Having people there alongside you to share in your experience and encourage you along the way is often the difference between a successful exercise plan and one that tends to fizzle out over time. Share your challenges and your successes with your fellow group members and be supportive of their efforts, as well. You get built in support when you’re part of a small group fitness program!

Lack of Intimidation

In a small group fitness class, the intimidation factor is gone and the personal attention from an instructor ensures that exercises are being performed correctly. In addition, the instructor can provide modified movements to cater to a healing extremity, sore spot, or sensitive area. And the enthusiasm and energy that generates from the group environment is still there!

Cost Benefit

If personal training packages are just a little much for your budget right now, small group fitness training provides an attractive alternative.  Small group fitness training classes are a little expensive than one on one personal training classes and you get the benefit of close training too. If you’re looking for small group fitness, our fitness center offer classes just for you!

Small Group Fitness is Fun!

Most anyone will agree that exercising alone can become boring and tedious. When that happens, you’re that much more likely to give it up before you have had the chance to reap the full benefit of the training program. Having other people to talk to and share experiences with while you work out can help you keep going and to have a good time while you exercise.

Accountability and Adherence

Just like with personal training you have the added benefit of accountability with small group fitness. It’s easy to make excuses to yourself and not stay consistent with an exercise program on your own. One of the benefits of small group fitness training is that you have accountability to others in your group.

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Every single member of our gym is different! All of us have our own fitness goals and aspirations: some may be trying to lose weight, while others are trying to bulk up, for instance. Meanwhile we all have different physical concerns and challenges: some of us are working on building balance and flexibility, while others may be recovering from an injury or overcoming a medical condition. That variety means that every person’s fitness plan has to be a little different.

Advantages of Taking Group Fitness Classes

So why, then, do group fitness classes exist? How can these classes help you reach your fitness goals? The answer: group fitness classes make you accountable—other students notice when you’re not there, and they give you the support and motivation to stick with it. Taking group fitness classes also gives you the opportunity to work with a personal trainer. These experts can provide vital feedback regarding your diet, workout routine, and much more. Group fitness classes can have a huge impact on your exercise routine, weight loss, and so much more!

Selecting a Group Fitness Class

The most important thing about starting a group fitness program is choosing the right program for you. You’ll want to find a class that makes you want to come back over time. If you just take a few classes and give up, you won’t enjoy all the benefits of the class! Keep these tips in mind when you pick a class:


  • Consider your own goals and aspirations: Different classes are designed for different purposes, so you’ll want to find one that matches your own fitness goals. If you’re working on weight loss, go for classes that incorporate plenty of cardio, for example.
  • Pinpoint the activities you usually avoid: The fitness activities we avoid are usually the ones that our bodies really need—which means they’re more difficult! Participating in these activities where you have a support system and accountability from your classmates will help you stick with it and give your body what it needs!
  • Choose a class that interests you: You’re more likely to stay committed if you enjoy the class, even if you find it incredibly challenging. Choose something that’s not entirely outside your comfort zone. For instance, if you love cycling outside, try a spinning class. If dancing is your thing, go for an aerobics class that incorporates motivating music.
  • Respect the limits of your body: Some classes are more intense than others, so you’ll want to keep your physical condition and medical conditions in mind before starting any new class. Discuss your options and interests with your doctor, and share your medical needs with the personal trainer before class.

If you’re not sure which classes might be best for you, ask a personal trainer for suggestions. As with any workout routine, you’ll want to give it a fair shake—commit to taking a few classes so your body can acclimate. Be patient with yourself, and feel free to ask questions! Draw motivation and support from your classmates, and give it right back.

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