Helpful Resolutions

Helpful Resolutions


To many, the New Year is all about starting to be better. During this New Year Season, some people make a big deal about resolutions; and then there are the people make fun of those who make these new commitments.

You know what I say to people who make fun of them?

“Stop!” Stop being a pain to people who want to better themselves.”

To all of you trying to better themselves and keep “resolutioning” remember….

The thing that really counts is that you’re trying. You try to help yourself. You try to better yourself. You try to be nice to yourself.

OK, so, you might not make it past 4 weeks. Who cares?

Did you learn something? Awesome!

Did you take off the 5 or so pounds that you put on during the holidays? Great!

Do you feel more confident about yourself than you did a month ago? That’s amazing!

Now, since the newness has worn off, you might have started falling off the wagon a little bit. No longer are you just eating tuna fish and salad. You might not be going to the gym 2 times a day 6 days a week now, But that’s ok.


once you start falling off the fast wagon, you can get back up and get back on a reasonable passed wagon. Don’t stop just because you aren’t able to run at top speed all year long. Find your pace, just don’t stop.

Keep in mind “No matter how slow you are, you are still lapping everyone on the couch.”

If you feel like a failure, because you did not stick to your resolutions 100%, keep in mind, you started and nothing is keeping you from starting again. You only fail when you decide to stop trying.

Instead of feeling bad, why not start a new commitment to yourself? Whether it’s only a month or you make life choices that go the rest of the year, there is nothing wrong with restarting.

Keep in mind, you are worth the effort, you are worth all the work.

Don’t let people tell you or make you feel that your resolutions are stupid, or won’t work.

It’s odd, any other time, during the rest of the year, when people make a decision to improve their lives, people look on it like a good thing. Don’t let anyone tell you or make you feel like you failed just because you started your journey in January.

Keep on working on yourself, no matter the time of the year, or how many times you need to restart.

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Avoiding Holiday Woes

Avoiding Holiday Woes!

Avoiding Holiday Woes!

The holidays are here and over-eating is upon us! So how do we prevent ourselves from over indulging? We can still have many of the things we enjoy with a little will power. Granted, that sounds easier said than done but through some quick research follow these tips and eat your way through the holidays with a clear conscience.

  • Eat the things you love compared to the things you like (Shaffner 2016). By doing so, you can help reduce the number of calories you will ingest. Think of it as the holiday “Eat this, not that” mantra. If you like the sweet potatoes more than mashed, eat the sweet potatoes instead of the mashed, but don’t eat both. Indulgence is “okay” so long as we exercise moderation.
  • The dessert 3-bite rule. The amazing first taste, satisfying second, and lingering third (Shaffner 2016). Clearly this does not mean do with each dessert at the table, but see above, go for the one you love and not just like. If holiday tradition is your thing, then go for your one holiday dessert in moderation.
  • Talk while eating! Not saying to talk with your mouth full, but talking between bites will help slow your eating down and for your bodies signals to catch up and let you know when you are full (Baar 2010).
  • Stay away from the buffet table while socializing! Chew sugar-free gum or suck on some sugar-free candy while being social so that it helps to avoid the nibbling while waiting on meal time (WebMd 2016).
  • Don’t arrive hungry. Have an apple or other healthy snack before arriving to parties. The one common thread in dietary research is that fiber intake helps to slow digestion and “crowds out” the overeating since we feel full longer (Freston 2012).

Clearly these are not all the holiday eating tips out there, but these 5 simple things can help curb our holiday eating pitfalls. The general rule we can see here is that moderation is the key to success. Don’t get discouraged while enjoying your holiday meals, but also don’t extend your holiday eating into multiple days. Your best options are always to consult a registered dietician for your best eating choices, or using credible resources can also help bring to light healthier eating options. One final tidbit of information is to burn the calories we are taking ingesting. How do we do that you ask? Come see Nick on Black Friday at noon to help burn some extra holiday calories!

You can download a copy of this article, Holiday Eating Tips here. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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Remap Your Cravings

Remap Your Cravings

Whenever there are desserts, like doughnuts or cookies, available at work, you know how hard it is to not have some of it. Not only do you have to avoid it once, but also it’s usually there all day! They might be all the way in the kitchen, but it’s hard to stop thinking about them.

That small dessert is so hard to resist, but why? The answer to this has to do with your habit and your mindset.


The reason you can’t stop thinking about that dessert has to do with being hard wired to want it. Dr. David Kessler MD explains how this works in his book, The End of Overeating.
Your brain releases opioids into your blood stream when you ingest tasty foods, especially ones with lots of sugar, fat, or salt. The brain chemical, opioids, will cause feelings of happiness. Opioids can also relieve pain and stress. This chemical reaction is similar to what morphine or heroin cause. It can create such an intense desire that you are unable to stop eating what is causing it.

This describes the reason we keep eating, but what exactly make us reach for that first dessert? If we could just refrain from reaching for it at all.

Dopamine is the answer to this question. Dopamine is a chemical that makes you search for that dessert because it wants the opioid release. The memory of the good taste and feeling cause the dopamine to look for that dessert again, and again. It is dopamines main focus.

This can quickly form a habit, and become extremely hard to break. The way your brain is wired causes you to repeat the action that caused those feelings. Unfortunately you don’t even need to have that dessert in reach for this cycle to start working. Think about it, have you ever made a run to the store because of a craving?


Our Country has high obesity rates. Tasty foods are easily available every hour of the day. This habit we have quickly formed, without even realizing it, is deeply seeded in our brains. Everyday we are presented with options of the unhealthiest of foods, and everyday our brains keep driving us to eat it.


There is good news however! This minute you can start to change this. You can change the wiring and power these cravings have over you. With new habits formed, you can easily avoid those desserts.

The key to forming new habits is mindset. Start this process by remembering when you eat that dessert; it only gives you a few minutes of enjoyment. Now what is something that you want more than that dessert? Do you want to fit into those jeans way back in your closet again? Is there a medication you don’t want to be on any longer? Do you want to feel better?

Once you have decided what it is that you want more, follow these steps next time you have a craving.


This step is the hardest, but there is no other way around it. You must not eat those foods. This is not going to be easy in the beginning, but it will become easier over time. This will be hard the next time you are in a group environment and everyone else is having pizza, or cake, or whatever it is you are not. Your dopamine will be working overtime, trying to get you to join in. This is when you need to remember what it is that you want more. Do you want that dessert, or do you want to fit into those jeans again? This will all be will power.


When you succeed by not eating that dessert or pizza, you will have done more for yourself than just stopping. Dr. Kessler calls this, ‘cooling’ the stimulus, in his book. You will have started the process of breaking the habit. When this happens again, it will become easier and easier.


Each time you are victorious, you are making a new circuitry pathway. Those new pathways will become stronger then the old pathways each time you stop. When you reach those goals, remember to keep setting new ones and keep remapping your brain the way you want it!

Choose your habits, and remember its mindset!

You can download a copy of this article, Remap Your Cravings, here.

Healthy Options Tailgating

Healthy Options For Tailgating

Stay Healthy With Healthy Tailgating This Season!

Fall is upon us and with it comes the excitement of football season, fall foods and more. For many of us, the upcoming weekends will be filled with sports, barbeques and all day tailgates. These events are fun, but can come with an abundance of tempting snacks, burgers and hot dogs galore and rich desserts…not exactly the recipe for success in the healthy eating and weight loss categories.

To help you out through the football season – we have some tailgating tips so you don’t let all your hard work during the week go out the window.


Barbeque basics don’t have to be loaded up with sauce or be fat heavy; there are a lot of ways to add nutritional value:

  • Lean meat patties – 93% lean or more with options like ground turkey or grass fed beef.
  • Opt for healthy burger toppings like avocado, tomato, and lettuce.
  • Leave the cheese!
  • Try sliders instead of full-size burgers – buy mini buns or whole-wheat rolls and fill them with mini meat patties, small steaks, or barbecued chicken.
  • Grill up some chicken kabobs but include some zucchini squash, peppers, and onions on each skewer.

    You don’t have to be a great cook to whip up healthy party appetizers for tailgates or back-yard get-togethers. Here are some simple tricks to lighten up traditional party foods:

  • Use fat-free Greek yogurt in recipes that call for mayonnaise or sour cream.
  • Use low-fat milk or cheese in recipes that call for full-fat versions.
  • Bake foods like chicken wings or sweet potato fries instead of frying them.
  • Serve salsa with sliced veggies instead of a creamy dip.

The best way to make good food choices during the tailgate season is to be prepared – don’t go into any party or game super hungry. Be sure to eat a snack or meal an hour or two before the get-together to ward off initial cravings. Here are some other strategies to help you make healthy food choices:

  • Keep your hands full with water. You’ll stay hydrated, and you can limit your eating to small nibbles.
  • If you know you’re an out-of-control grazer, instead of eating constantly throughout the party, allow yourself to fill a small plate and then position yourself away from the food to reduce temptation.
  • Avoid dips and spreads that might be hiding high-fat ingredients. Go for foods you can recognize so you can estimate reasonable portion sizes.
  • Fruit and veggies are always a great choice, but other good options include small slices of protein-packed cheese, turkey or ham from a deli tray; a small bowl of chili (skip the cheese and sour cream); a couple of grilled chicken wings (go easy on any sauce) or salsa used as a veggie dip.
  • Limit alcohol to save on calories and prevent lowered inhibitions from leading to less-than-optimal food choices.

Football season doesn’t have to be the off-season for your healthy diet. There are many ways you can put a healthy spin on your tailgate or watch party.

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Microbes Immune System

The cold and flu season is upon us! There are some people that never seem to get though. Or when everyone was exposed to the same virus, why do only some people get sick?

It has a lot to do with your immune system and its strength. The health of your digestive system impacts the strength of your immune system.

It is your immune system that protects you when you come in contact with a virus or bacteria. Your body can work to keep the cold away when you have a stronger immune system. When your immune system is not at it best, that is when the virus can make its way in.


Microbes are live organisms that are in your digestive system. Your overall health is affected by these microbes.

These microbes can be good and help to fight out disease. When your body is introduced to a treat, the good microbes begin to protect you from the treat. Having a lack of these microbes in your digestive system can cause you to end up sick. This can not only make a difference for the flu and colds, but also it will increase chances of Crohn’s, colitis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Your body is doing well when you have many good microbes in your digestive system. Unfortunately, these microbes can be exhausted. In fact, antibiotics, when taken, can remove both the good and bad bacteria. Antibiotics cannot single out the bad bacteria only.

This is not the only way we can lose our good bacteria. Other such ways are chemicals in your tap water, and foods that have pesticide residue on them.

When the good bacteria in your digestive system is rundown, it is opportune time for bad bacteria to grow. Some examples of bad bacteria are fungi, yeast, and other bacteria that can cause diseases. When there is more bad bacteria than good your immune system can be more easily over run.


Luckily, it is quite easy to tip your digestive track back in your favor! You can take probiotics. You can consume probiotics easily through your diet. The probiotics will remain in your digestive system and will help fight off colds, as well as getting rid of bad bacteria.

You can take probiotics through pills, or simply by adding yogurt to your diet. It is important that the yogurt you choose says it contains active cultures. The active cultures are the microbes you need.

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