Pelotonia Team


We want to help as many members be part of this great event as possible! We love to ride in this event because 100% of the money raised goes to cancer research!

When you join the GO: Fitness Pelotonia team, you will get:

  • Training protocol
  • Help with fundraising
  • Awesome jersey
  • Fun

Remember, all donations go to a worthy cause!

If you want to be part of our 2017 Pelotonia Team, email us today!


If you’re looking for a new health club, you have come to the right place. With so many options for gyms, fitness centers, and health clubs, you may be overwhelmed finding the right place to become a member, but we will help you decide to join us.  Here are a few benefits of joining a smaller gym like ours.

Availability of Equipment – Because smaller gyms often have fewer members, there is more equipment available for you.  One thing I like is that there isn’t a wait.  Going in to those big gyms right before work and after work was the busiest time.  It’s pretty awesome to get in and get out when you’re in a rush too!

Health Club Pricing – Consumers often pay close to $100 per month for the big chain health clubs because they have so many amenities. But if your goal is simply to work out and get fit, a smaller gym is perfect for you. Our health club Columbus services will have a plan that fits your needs! Our plans are very affordable, starting at $29/month. Many large chains can charge hefty enrollment fees and large cancellations fees, as well as higher monthly dues. However, with us, that’s not the case at all!

Less Red Tape – Most smaller gyms come with less administrative hassles. With national chains there is often a problem with contracts or fees, such as an unexpected dues hike or inability to freeze a membership temporarily during an expected absence. Owners and staff at smaller and more independent health clubs are more likely to work on these issues with you.

These are just a few of the reasons our gym rocks! We would love to have you come be apart of this amazing family. Not only will you get fit but it is like a small community where everyone can relate to each other.  All you want is to be happier, healthier and maybe a few pants sizes smaller and we can help you with that!

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 Interval Training


What is interval training?

Individuals who are looking to increase the strength of their heart, lungs, and specific muscles of the body will appreciate the benefits of interval training because of how it can help tone the body without straining muscles. Interval training is simply a specific workout technique where an individual alternates between high and low intensity workouts to achieve their desired result.

In general, this workout technique enhances the strength and vitality of all cells in the body because of the amount of oxygen it circulates throughout the body. With this being said, professional athletes, nutritionists, and those who are experienced in cardiovascular exercise actually recommend the use of interval training because of how it influences the cardiovascular system. The more oxygen your cells and tissues receive while using this workout technique, the more effective your workout routine will be.

Interval Training Techniques

If you think that an interval training routine is right for you there are many exercises that you can incorporate into your daily routine. High intensity workouts may consist of running, sprinting, or going up hills or long distances. The general idea behind fast-paced workout routines is to increase the amount of muscles used to reach desired fitness goals, which relies on anaerobic cellular breathing.

Those interval training techniques that are slower in nature may consist of walking or running, which allow you to reach your resting heart rate in a healthy manner. It is important to alternate between high and low intensity workouts to allow muscles to rest while absorbing larger amounts of oxygen so that you do not become fatigued or cause damage to your body.

Interval training techniques can improve the amount of blood that is pumped out of your heart, therefore creating many positive health benefits. Optimal circulation reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and high cholesterol that lead to the overall degeneration of the body. However, interval training can boost your metabolism so that you can sculpt your body from the inside out. Additionally, interval training can increase muscle enzyme levels so that muscles can be toned and rejuvenated with each move made. All in all, the more oxygen your body receives the better off your health will be due to consistent workouts using these techniques.

Healthy Reasons to Stick to Your Routine

There are many benefits associated with the use of interval training techniques that can increase the longevity of your cells. If you are interested in ways of maximizing your daily workout routine if you live in Columbus, fitness center professionals are available to meet your needs. No matter what health condition you are in, the right workout routine that focuses on specific parts of your body can benefit you.

Professionals recommend the use of this training routine for those who are serious about getting in shape while minimizing risks of damaging muscles of the body. If you are someone who loves the thrill of new exercises to increase cellular strength and durability, interval training is for you.  Contact us today if you want help learning how to interval train.

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Have you ever look around the gym, I mean really looked around a gym? When you look around any gym, you can tell who has gotten help from a personal trainer. Individuals who have used a trainer seem to be more confident with their workout.  When you notice someone struggling to get by, chances are they have refused help and want to go it alone. You should never go it alone in a fitness center, especially when your new.

Members who have worked with a person trainer go through their routines with ease and they feel confident that they are using the machines properly. If they have doubt, they know they can simply show a facial expression of discomfort, and the personal trainer will make their way over to ask if everything is all right.  Its a kind of universal signal and a way of helping our members.


All of the personal trainers Columbus take pride in their jobs, they feel good and confident about themselves and enjoy helping others. In return, it helps you because they strive to give you the best workout routine you can get. If the routine is not working for you, they will be more then happy to adjust it to your liking and too your workability. Each person is different and each person needs their own routine.

Personal trainers Columbus treat you like family; they want to make sure that they are doing the most they can for you and your body.  Our personal trainers get to know who you are as an individual, they listen to your needs, struggles and most of all they listen to what you want your goal of success to be and help you to achieve this goal.

Did you know that a personal trainer Columbus will also help you see where your nutrition problems lie?  They will help you realize that sometime what you are eating can take away from your success rate to reaching your goals faster. They will show you portion control with food items and sugar intake that will improve your chances.  Personal trainers will also help you realize that the more you move, the more successful you will be. Did you know that even if you did not change one thing with your diet just by moving more it will help change your bodies shape and stamina? Yes its true and its all the more reason to join a gym and hire a personal trainer Columbus to help you.

We don’t leave you alone on your new path to a healthier you, we walk right beside you and help you take control so you can rock your socks off, and feel more confident.  What are you waiting for ? Get your life back on track so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

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If you watch people at the gym, it seems like there’s an endless variety of moves and exercises. That’s certainly true, but not all fitness moves are created equal. Some workout moves are tricky to perform because they require precision form. Without that, your workout is less effective and you even increase your risk for injury.  If you’re a fan of these moves, you’ll want to rethink your routine and talk to a personal trainer about correcting your form or finding alternative exercises.

  • Lazy leg presses: Leg presses are actually a fantastic exercise. That is, when they’re performed correctly. Most people put their feet too far apart and bend their knees too deeply. Both of these mistakes throw off your alignment, placing more stress on your knees and back. During a leg press, your knees should never bend deeper than 90 degrees, and keep your feet about shoulder-width apart or slightly less. Ask your personal trainer to watch you do some leg presses and correct your form if necessary.
  • Any and all upright rows: This move requires you to pull something up close to your chin. Anytime you perform that action, you compress the nerves of your shoulder. Instead of this move, try front lateral shoulder raises. For these, you bring the weights either out to the side of your body, or out in front of you. If you start with the weights at your sides, never lift them above your shoulders. Your personal trainer can also recommend other effective moves to replace upright rows.
  • The treadmill slouch: The handlebars and console of the treadmill and other cardio machines simply beg us to lean over them—especially at the end of a long workout. But once you slouch, you reduce the effectiveness of your walk or run because your body no longer has to support its own weight. You also pull your spine out of proper alignment, placing undue stress on your vertebrae. So do like your mother said, and stand up straight!
  • Lat pull-downs behind your head: Most of us don’t have the shoulder mobility to perform this move correctly. As a result, we end up compromising our stance and our spines to do the exercise. Meanwhile, we also increase our risk for shoulder impingement and torn rotator cuffs. You can still do lat pull-downs, but bring the bar down in front of you, no lower than your breastbone. Keep your grip wider than your shoulders. You can similarly adapt military behind-the-head presses.
  • Squats on the machine: Many people use the Smith machine for their squats. But the bar doesn’t have any give, which often forces our bodies out of alignment. And chances are, your stance is also too wide on this move. Squats are just as effective without the weights, so learn proper form without the machine. Start with your feet shoulder-width apart and your back straight. Sit down and move your hips back as if you’re sitting down in a chair. Keep your weight directly above your feet throughout the exercise.

For answers to your questions about these and other fitness moves, talk to your personal trainer. Before you start any workout routine, or even if you’ve been working out solo for a while, it’s a great idea to get insight and guidance from a trainer.