Helpful Resolutions

Helpful Resolutions


To many, the New Year is all about starting to be better. During this New Year Season, some people make a big deal about resolutions; and then there are the people make fun of those who make these new commitments.

You know what I say to people who make fun of them?

“Stop!” Stop being a pain to people who want to better themselves.”

To all of you trying to better themselves and keep “resolutioning” remember….

The thing that really counts is that you’re trying. You try to help yourself. You try to better yourself. You try to be nice to yourself.

OK, so, you might not make it past 4 weeks. Who cares?

Did you learn something? Awesome!

Did you take off the 5 or so pounds that you put on during the holidays? Great!

Do you feel more confident about yourself than you did a month ago? That’s amazing!

Now, since the newness has worn off, you might have started falling off the wagon a little bit. No longer are you just eating tuna fish and salad. You might not be going to the gym 2 times a day 6 days a week now, But that’s ok.


once you start falling off the fast wagon, you can get back up and get back on a reasonable passed wagon. Don’t stop just because you aren’t able to run at top speed all year long. Find your pace, just don’t stop.

Keep in mind “No matter how slow you are, you are still lapping everyone on the couch.”

If you feel like a failure, because you did not stick to your resolutions 100%, keep in mind, you started and nothing is keeping you from starting again. You only fail when you decide to stop trying.

Instead of feeling bad, why not start a new commitment to yourself? Whether it’s only a month or you make life choices that go the rest of the year, there is nothing wrong with restarting.

Keep in mind, you are worth the effort, you are worth all the work.

Don’t let people tell you or make you feel that your resolutions are stupid, or won’t work.

It’s odd, any other time, during the rest of the year, when people make a decision to improve their lives, people look on it like a good thing. Don’t let anyone tell you or make you feel like you failed just because you started your journey in January.

Keep on working on yourself, no matter the time of the year, or how many times you need to restart.

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Avoiding Holiday Woes

Avoiding Holiday Woes!

Avoiding Holiday Woes!

The holidays are here and over-eating is upon us! So how do we prevent ourselves from over indulging? We can still have many of the things we enjoy with a little will power. Granted, that sounds easier said than done but through some quick research follow these tips and eat your way through the holidays with a clear conscience.

  • Eat the things you love compared to the things you like (Shaffner 2016). By doing so, you can help reduce the number of calories you will ingest. Think of it as the holiday “Eat this, not that” mantra. If you like the sweet potatoes more than mashed, eat the sweet potatoes instead of the mashed, but don’t eat both. Indulgence is “okay” so long as we exercise moderation.
  • The dessert 3-bite rule. The amazing first taste, satisfying second, and lingering third (Shaffner 2016). Clearly this does not mean do with each dessert at the table, but see above, go for the one you love and not just like. If holiday tradition is your thing, then go for your one holiday dessert in moderation.
  • Talk while eating! Not saying to talk with your mouth full, but talking between bites will help slow your eating down and for your bodies signals to catch up and let you know when you are full (Baar 2010).
  • Stay away from the buffet table while socializing! Chew sugar-free gum or suck on some sugar-free candy while being social so that it helps to avoid the nibbling while waiting on meal time (WebMd 2016).
  • Don’t arrive hungry. Have an apple or other healthy snack before arriving to parties. The one common thread in dietary research is that fiber intake helps to slow digestion and “crowds out” the overeating since we feel full longer (Freston 2012).

Clearly these are not all the holiday eating tips out there, but these 5 simple things can help curb our holiday eating pitfalls. The general rule we can see here is that moderation is the key to success. Don’t get discouraged while enjoying your holiday meals, but also don’t extend your holiday eating into multiple days. Your best options are always to consult a registered dietician for your best eating choices, or using credible resources can also help bring to light healthier eating options. One final tidbit of information is to burn the calories we are taking ingesting. How do we do that you ask? Come see Nick on Black Friday at noon to help burn some extra holiday calories!

You can download a copy of this article, Holiday Eating Tips here. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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Surviving Holiday Weight Gain

Surviving Holiday Weight Gain

Surviving Holiday Weight Gain Is Possible!

Holidays are very problematic for exercise routines and diets! There are too many tempting treats everywhere you look. The busy schedule this time of year brings doesn’t help.

There is some good news though, you can make it through this season and not gain any weight. It won’t be easy, and will take work on your part. When the new year hits and your scale has not gone up, you will be much happier!


What is the plan, you ask? During these though busy months, it is best to try and maintain your current weight. You will be able to enjoy your holidays more than if you are depriving yourself through it all. This way you can have one or two treats, but keep your weight at that steady number.

You can accomplish this by:

  • WORKING OUT – Don’t skip this part! Even a moderately intense workout can burn enough calories to keep the scale from moving. Working out can help keep you motivated, it will be harder to over eat after you get a good workout in.
  • BREAKFAST – When you eat breakfast regularly, you will eat less calories during the day.
  • FOOD DIARY – If you eat it, write it down! Even just one chip or cracker. It has been proven that doing this will help you control your weight more.
  • HUNGER – Do not go to a dinner party or event starving. Try having a protein filled snack and a glass of water before attending anything like this. You will be able to control your temptations better.
  • MONITOR WEIGHT – We don’t usually suggest such an action, but in this case it is a good idea. This can help keep you on track. You know what to do if that scale starts to go up.
  • PORTION CONTROL – Always be conscious of your portion size, but especially now. Learn what the correct portion is for you, and follow it.
  • LEFTOVERS – It is hard to stay away from those unhealthy leftovers. Try freezing them, giving it away, or even throw them away if you need to.
  • CHECK IN – Keep imagining it is January and you have made it through the Holidays without gaining one pound. Even thank yourself for making it through this busy season.
  • TELL SOMEONE – It becomes all the more real when you tell someone your goals, and that’s a good thing. This will help keep you on track, as well as motivated to tell that person your achieving it!

See, there are things you can do to fight that holiday weight gain. Keep these tips handy and get ready for a whirlwind of parties, food, and lights!

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Go Fitness IV Fitness Mistakes

Are You Making These Common Fitness Mistakes?


You may not notice it, but there are fitness mistakes happening all around you at the gym! These mistakes can be wasting time, putting people in danger, and sometimes are just not smart! Without knowing, you may have even made a mistake or two.

Here are GO: Fitness, we want to help you move past these common gym mistakes and get right onto the fast track of results. Here are five common fitness mistakes we see, and the solutions you need to steer clear of danger and get fit safely.


When working out, you want to challenge your muscles. Completing all your repetitions too easily means your weight is on the light side. When the weight you are using is too heavy, you will not be able to complete the full range of motion and you will need to cheat on form.

When you use the correct weights you will feel taxed the last couple of repetitions. You should be able to complete them with correct form.


It is not uncommon to see people at the gym doing the same thing every time. You might even be stuck in a rut yourself.

Exercise routines need to be changed up. If you do them for too long, they will not be as effective. If you are not sure when to change up your routine, do it at least every 4 weeks.


Warming up is NOT a waste of time! Don’t make this common mistake of jumping straight into your workout. When you warm up properly, you will be able to exercise at a higher intensity.

The reason you warm up is to raise the temperature of your muscles. A good warm up should last in between 5 and 10 minutes.


Unfortunately bad form is everywhere! Bad form usually comes from people who are not paying attention or when they are trying to use a weight that is too heavy for them. Injury almost always occurs when using bad form.

It is important to make an effort and learn proper form. You will avoid injury and get a better workout when you do.


Having someone workout with you will challenge you more, hold you more accountable, and get you better results. It makes sense that by having someone there with you, you will push yourself harder.

The absolute best way to workout is with one of our personal coaches, of course! They will help you remain injury free, all while helping you get the most out of your time at the gym. At GO: Fitness, we want everyone to see results and keep clear of these gym mistakes.

Call or email today and we will get your first workout scheduled!

Please download a copy of our article, GO: Fitness IV Common Fitness Mistakes for reference.

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January is the time of year when Columbus gym members promise to burn off the 10 pounds they gained during the holiday times. In reality though, holiday weight gain is far more modest than most people think.

According to

“A study from Texas Tech University followed 48 men and 100 women between the ages of 18 and 65 for the six weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. At the beginning and end of the study, researchers measured the subjects’ weights and body fat percentages. On average, the volunteers gained one and a half pounds (men about two pounds each, and about a pound for the women), far less than the 7 to 10 pounds often cited this time of year.”

Still, the article mentions that even after losing the excess inches, many people gain it back and put on more pounds after checking off this item on their new year’s resolution. Indeed, the goal with weight loss is not just to shed the excess fat but to keep it off throughout the year.

The trick is to start small and to set reasonable goals for yourself. As often happens, people flock to the gym in January and work out till they’re blue in the face. Sooner than later though, burn-out sets in and they’ll put off gym visits for a few days—only to never return again. Remember, stability is key and you’re better off scheduling small, 20-minute sessions as they’re easier to commit to.

Also, consider hiring a weight loss trainer; after all, skipping workout sessions is harder when there is someone else holding you accountable. Your Go: Fitness Columbus personal trainer will also craft a specialized workout plan and will teach you proper form to avoid injuries, thus allowing you to reach your fitness goals faster.