Helpful Resolutions

Helpful Resolutions


To many, the New Year is all about starting to be better. During this New Year Season, some people make a big deal about resolutions; and then there are the people make fun of those who make these new commitments.

You know what I say to people who make fun of them?

“Stop!” Stop being a pain to people who want to better themselves.”

To all of you trying to better themselves and keep “resolutioning” remember….

The thing that really counts is that you’re trying. You try to help yourself. You try to better yourself. You try to be nice to yourself.

OK, so, you might not make it past 4 weeks. Who cares?

Did you learn something? Awesome!

Did you take off the 5 or so pounds that you put on during the holidays? Great!

Do you feel more confident about yourself than you did a month ago? That’s amazing!

Now, since the newness has worn off, you might have started falling off the wagon a little bit. No longer are you just eating tuna fish and salad. You might not be going to the gym 2 times a day 6 days a week now, But that’s ok.


once you start falling off the fast wagon, you can get back up and get back on a reasonable passed wagon. Don’t stop just because you aren’t able to run at top speed all year long. Find your pace, just don’t stop.

Keep in mind “No matter how slow you are, you are still lapping everyone on the couch.”

If you feel like a failure, because you did not stick to your resolutions 100%, keep in mind, you started and nothing is keeping you from starting again. You only fail when you decide to stop trying.

Instead of feeling bad, why not start a new commitment to yourself? Whether it’s only a month or you make life choices that go the rest of the year, there is nothing wrong with restarting.

Keep in mind, you are worth the effort, you are worth all the work.

Don’t let people tell you or make you feel that your resolutions are stupid, or won’t work.

It’s odd, any other time, during the rest of the year, when people make a decision to improve their lives, people look on it like a good thing. Don’t let anyone tell you or make you feel like you failed just because you started your journey in January.

Keep on working on yourself, no matter the time of the year, or how many times you need to restart.

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January is the time of year when Columbus gym members promise to burn off the 10 pounds they gained during the holiday times. In reality though, holiday weight gain is far more modest than most people think.

According to

“A study from Texas Tech University followed 48 men and 100 women between the ages of 18 and 65 for the six weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. At the beginning and end of the study, researchers measured the subjects’ weights and body fat percentages. On average, the volunteers gained one and a half pounds (men about two pounds each, and about a pound for the women), far less than the 7 to 10 pounds often cited this time of year.”

Still, the article mentions that even after losing the excess inches, many people gain it back and put on more pounds after checking off this item on their new year’s resolution. Indeed, the goal with weight loss is not just to shed the excess fat but to keep it off throughout the year.

The trick is to start small and to set reasonable goals for yourself. As often happens, people flock to the gym in January and work out till they’re blue in the face. Sooner than later though, burn-out sets in and they’ll put off gym visits for a few days—only to never return again. Remember, stability is key and you’re better off scheduling small, 20-minute sessions as they’re easier to commit to.

Also, consider hiring a weight loss trainer; after all, skipping workout sessions is harder when there is someone else holding you accountable. Your Go: Fitness Columbus personal trainer will also craft a specialized workout plan and will teach you proper form to avoid injuries, thus allowing you to reach your fitness goals faster.


Are you looking for some weight loss tips to get your body ready for summer? The warm weather is here and that means hitting the beach with family and friends. Of course, it also means wanting to look great in your brand new swimsuit! Try some of these quick tips and before you know it, your body will be bikini ready!

Cut Calories – Be diligent about finding ways to cut just 100 calories from what you eat every day. Some super easy ways to cut 100 calories daily are to swap regular soda for water or diet soda, trade your morning latte for coffee with low fat milk, eat steamed fresh broccoli instead of frozen broccoli in cheese sauce, eat two poached eggs instead of two fried eggs, or replace 1/2 cup of granola with 2 cups of Cheerios. These subtle changes can have a big impact on your weight loss efforts.

Watermelon and Other Fruits – This refreshing summer treat is not only delicious and practically fat free, it’s loaded with vitamins A, B, and C. The high water content, combined with a healthy amount of fiber and protein, makes watermelon a great fat burner and really aids in your weight loss efforts. Some other fruits that are great fat burners are apples, pomegranates, and grapefruit.

Eating Outside Promotes Weight Loss – Warm weather and more sunshine don’t just make for more opportunities to be active; you can also take advantage of summer days to eat less by eating outdoors. For starters, you eat less when the light is brighter. By the way, this works in the kitchen, too, so turn up that dimmer switch! You also eat more slowly when you eat outside. You look around more, you watch the birds flying by or the lizards scampering in the bushes. Simple things in the outdoor environment can slow down your eating so you actually eat less.

Longer Days Means More Exercise – Take advantage of the long summer days to fit in more exercise time. A nice long walk on the beach is a great form of exercise, and you get to work on your tan, too! Schedule a family barbeque and spend some time swimming, playing horseshoes or frisbee, or even running around playing tag with the kids. Maybe you could even hit the gym more often, and our weight loss Columbus services can help with that. Remember to have fun while you exercise!

Snack Before Mealtime – Momma always said that snacking before dinner will ruin your appetite, and she was right! Having a small snack about twenty minutes before your meal helps with weight loss because it will control your ghrelin hormones (the ones that control your appetite) so that by the time you sit down to eat, you won’t feel like eating so much. Just don’t overdo it… a good choice is a handful of walnuts or a small piece of fruit.

 Eating Habits


You’re getting on track – you exercise several times a week and the pounds are beginning to fall off. But exercise is only half the battle against the bulge! The other half: your diet! Eating right is the key to consistent and healthy weight loss. We all know this, so why is it still so tough to make great choices about what we eat?

Most of us let our lifestyles, emotions, and all kinds of thing get in the way of eating right. And in the meantime, as we put off making those decisions, we form unhealthy patterns that become deep-seated habits. Those habits become comfortable, familiar, easy—making them even more difficult to overcome.

Tips To Break Unhealthy Eating Habits
  1. Take an honest look at your diet Sometimes we don’t even realize what we eat each day, or when. It’s often helpful to keep a food journal for a few weeks, so that you can identify your dietary patterns. You may realize that you go days on end without vegetables—or that the base of your food pyramid is made up of ice cream (not the strongest foundation)! After you’ve tracked the trends in your diet, identify the most important habits to change.
  2. Figure out why you eat what you eat Many of us make poor dietary choices because we’re pressed for time, we’re eating to deal with stress, or we have emotional relationships with our food. Identifying these underlying issues is the most important step if we’re going to change them long term. This awareness will give you new control over our everyday decisions because you’ll pay more attention to the foods you choose to eat.
  3. Make changes that are reasonable and realistic for you and your lifestyle Just as you must be honest with yourself about your current eating habits, you also must be honest with yourself as you decide which habits to break—and how to break them. If you’re eating too much red meat, aim to switch to fish on Fridays, or go meatless on Mondays. Smaller changes will be easier to stick with over time, and you won’t feel deprived or resentful about the changes you make.

The benefits of changing your eating habits stretch beyond weight loss. Eating right will give you more energy, improve your overall health, and even make your skin glow. Talk to one of our personal trainers about tweaking your diet to support your weight loss and fitness goals.  To stay up to date and to get daily motivation, please like us on Facebook!

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Maybe you spent your 20’s playing video games and your 30’s watching reality television. Now your doctor is reminding you about blood pressure, diabetes, and other health issues. But is it too late to get fit? Many of our clients assumed they were beyond help. The reality is, it’s never too late to start! Regardless of your age, your body will almost always benefit if you increase physical activity—especially if you’ve had a sedentary lifestyle.

Tips To Working Out More
  • Talk to your doctor first, especially if you have medical issues. Before starting any workout routine, make sure you’re healthy enough for the exercises you want to try. If you have specific medical concerns, your doctor can also suggest exercise that will be safe and effective for you.
  • Find a personal trainer. If you’ve never worked out before, getting started can be intimidating. A personal trainer can help you get in to a new working out routine, provide motivation, and show you how to workout properly to maximize results and avoid injuries.
  • Choose activities that appeal to you. If the thought of huffing and puffing on the treadmill makes you cringe, opt for group fitness classes or swimming laps instead. If you participate in activities you like, you’re more likely to stick with your fitness plan over the long term.
  • Be patient with yourself. You’re not going to be a marathon runner overnight! Work with your personal trainer to set realistic goals—and not only for weight loss. Give yourself benchmarks for physical performance, such as adding more weight to your strength training routine or reaching a certain distance on your daily run.