One of the best ways to reach your fitness goals is to do it with other along the same road. It’s very supportive and you enjoy the time spent getting there. At GO: Fitness, we have group fitness classes to help you on your road to success. But more importantly, we guarantee you’ll enjoy it all along the way!


GO: Fitness works on giving you group fitness classes that meet your needs. Industry statistics show that if you offer 10 types of group fitness classes, most members gravitate to just 4. We have chosen to focus on making those 4, the most effective and safe group fitness classes you can attend. The 4 workout classes offered are Rep & Step, Boot Camps, and two types of Yoga. There are also free classes on Nutrition Information, Interval Training, Foam Rolling, and more. Again, we focus on giving you solutions — no over-the-top choreography that takes you weeks to memorize and get coordinated with – just simple, innovative, and effective workouts that get results and help you become healthier and more fit.


Our instructors, most of whom are certified Coaches, are interested in making the group fitness classes challenging for members who want to push themselves and productive for members who need an easier workout. Our instructors also get deeply involved, walking between members, working on form, and providing individualized support to those who want or need it rather than just doing the workout from the front of the room.

Remember, we focus on you, your fun, and your success.

Here at Go Fitness we strive to offer our health club members with a diverse selection of fitness classes and training programs. Whether your desire is to lose weight, tone up, increase strength, or just maintain health, we have a wide variety of class options for you. Check out our health club class descriptions and look at our schedule to find a class you might like to attend. Try our “Yin” Yoga, Boot Camp or Promo Blast Training class. We always encourage our members to try a class they have never attended before. You never know. Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone to try something new can be the best thing you can do for your health and fitness routine. Try a new type of health club class or a new trainer and see what works for you.

Are you not sure what classes to attend? Our friendly and knowledgeable health club staff is always ready to answer your fitness questions. Let us help you determine the best class for your overall health and goals. Learn more about the diverse and exciting classes offered at Go Fitness and try one today!