As you get older, staying in shape can become such a strenuous chore. There are several things that you need to take care of, such as errands to run, bills to pay, and other adult duties to fulfill. Faced with an overwhelming load of stuff to accomplish, can you ever have time to do something about your fitness?

Of course, you do. Exercise science expert and fitness book author Lisa M. Wolfe shares these reasons why participating in a group exercise is one of the most beneficial workouts for busy adults like you:

Motivation and Support – Taking part in a group exercise class can encourage you to keep up with your level of workout intensity. Most of the time, a group exercise fosters a positive atmosphere in pushing you to do better every time you have a class. In addition, a little competition, like challenging a workout buddy, can make you push yourself harder to maintain your training pace. You also get helpful feedback, inspiration and positive reinforcement with each meeting.

Diversity and Community – One of the popular reasons why a lot of people quit an exercise program is boredom. Group exercise classes in a Columbus gym like GO: Fitness Center typically offer a wide variety of group training regimens and styles to encourage you to stay on track. Furthermore, the camaraderie and sense of play in each workout can help you persist for long, as you don’t want your buddies down with excuses and laziness.

Safety and Structure – In addition to the buddy system, the instructors can guide you and your group on how to properly do certain exercises and to effectively optimize each training session. You are assured that your coaches know the foundations of every movement. Moreover, group sessions, as a rule, follow a precise routine: warm-ups first, followed by the main workouts, then cool-downs and flexibility drills to condition your bodies well.

If group training isn’t exactly your cup of tea, there are other options you can explore to manage your well-being. You can utilize helpful Columbus personal training sessions with a certified coach who, at first, will evaluate your fitness level, and then design a special workout particularly designed to help you realize your fitness goals. Whether you’re planning to lose weight, tone your body, or simply want to maintain a healthy body, working out can bring you great results and improve your lifestyle.

(Source: The Advantages of Group Exercise Classes, LiveStrong, 7 February 2012)

Nicholas Osborne