While we strive to maintain a fun and encouraging community between the members and staff of our gym, we also believe that it is equally important to cultivate a strong community within our city and surrounding neighborhoods. This is the reason why our GO: Fitness Italian Village staff does countless hours of volunteer work for local nonprofit organizations each year, and regularly donates to local and national charities with donations totaling thousands of dollars.

GO: Fitness Italian Village is also deeply committed to advancing the feel of the community at our Italian Village fitness center. We promise that not only will “everyone know your name,” but we will strive to create an environment in which everyone can have fun and get results. Studies have proven that goals are more easily attained with support. That is why we aim to create an environment where members and coaches encourage and support one another in their goals. You don't have to feel alone achieving your personal goals. Our GO: Fitness Italian Village community is here to support and encourage you.

Click on any of the events below to find out more information.


Pelotonia was founded in 2008 and established with the objective to fund life-saving cancer research. GO: fitness likes to participate in this fundraising experience because cancer has reached many of our and our member's lives. We all have that one goal, to end cancer.

There are many ways to participate in this fundraiser. You can donate to our peloton. You can become a virtual rider in Pelotonia. They also need volunteers to help run the event. If you enjoy riding, you can pedal a long with us for 25mi, Columbus to New Albany 50mi, New Albany to Gambier 50mi, 100mi, 130mi, or the big 180mi!

The expense of the event is funded through its partners, letting all donations go to The James. You can get more information about Pelotonia at their site



Train Your Trainer is a fundraiser in which our clients get the opportunity to train their personal training coaches. This is our long-standing charity fundraiser that occurs twice a year and is our most anticipated, both by the personal training coaches and their clients. Some may say that the members get the better end of the deal, but both our members and our coaches love this fundraiser because it is a FUN way to help out the charities in our community!

On these days, our coaches put all of their energy into raising money for the charity chosen. In the past we have backed: The American Cancer Society; American Diabetes Association; The Ronald McDonald House

These illnesses have touched employees and members, and GO: Fitness would love to see these diseases eradicated in our lifetime.

To make these days fun, the personal training coaches donate 30-minute sessions throughout the weekend. Members buy these sessions through donations and get to put the coach of their choice through a workout of their choice. Members and non-members alike can buy these sessions, or may even just donate money to the charities.

Keep your eyes open for postings and emails announcing the day and times of these two fun and exciting fundraisers.


The holidays are important to us. That is why each holiday season, the GO: Fitness Italian Village staff and members donate money to adopt between one and three anonymous families. We cannot imagine having to struggle at this time of the year. Our hearts go out to those in need and we want to make sure that we can help in someway to make a difference in the lives of those who need assistance. We hope that with our help at least one local family in need can have a joyful holiday season.

This fundraiser is very low key, and some members even miss it. We pool our money, and any money we receive from members, and go shopping for these families. Then we come together as a group and have a small pizza party with everyone who donated so we can wrap the gifts for the family. The gifts we buy for the family usually include groceries for a good meal, coats, essential clothing items, and toys for the children.

Keep your eyes open for postings at the beginning of December announcing this year's fundraiser. We look forward to your joining us with this rewarding program as we strive to make a difference in the lives of a local family each holiday.


GO: Fitness members love helping with the Columbus Marathon!

Each year GO: Fitness assists with the the Columbus Marathon by offering a water station for the participants. Each year 30-40+ members and people from the community provide the runners with not only water and Gatorade, but also cheers of encouragement. This is truly been a great experience for our staff and members. We look forward to participating each year to support this incredible fitness event in our city.

Whether we are giving or gaining encouragement from the 5,000 runners coming by our 20.5 mile mark station, we can relate because we are all working toward a goal – commitment, self-improvement, and achievement. Come out next year in October and volunteer for a few hours. Doing so may inspire you too.

The Nationwide Children's Hospital Columbus Marathon is an annual marathon in Columbus Marathon and 1/2 Marathon. There is a cap of 7,000 marathoners and 11,000 1/2 marathoners. The event has sold out for the past six years in a row. For more information on the Columbus Marathon go to the official website at:


Go: Fitness Italian Village is dedicated to helping The Pleasure Guild of Nationwide Children's Hospital. The Pleasure Guild is a 100-year old organization made up of 60-80 women who are committed to raising funds for Nationwide Children's Hospital. The goal of The Pleasure Guild is to raise funds to benefit central Ohio's ONLY Hospice and Palliative Care Program, serving families in their greatest time of need!

The Pleasure Guild is the oldest women's auxiliary of Children's Hospital, dating back to 1908. The "funny name" comes from even earlier days when women provided little items or treats called "pleasures".

The Pleasure Guild is dedicated to fundraising for Nationwide Children’s Hospital through a variety of events focused on volunteering as the only auxiliary to have direct patient contact through the circulation of our library cart, and committed to teaching preschoolers about basic safety and injury prevention through our Safety Awareness For Everyone (SAFE) program.

Shelley Straub, our longest running Go: Fitness Columbus employee, spent a week at Children’s Hospital with her son, and had a friend approach her about the Pleasure Guild after Shelley mentioned that she wanted to do some type of charity work for the hospital because of some of the families that she had met while in the waiting rooms. Shelly found that each of these families had a story to tell or "needed" some support, and this is where the Pleasure Guild comes in. Shelley got involved and asked that she could do something with GO: Fitness.

GO: Fitness holds workouts as fundraisers, where all proceeds are donated to the Pleasure Guild. You can participate in the workout, or just make a donation. Keep your eyes and ears open as to the next Pleasure Guild Workout.