Why do small group fitness plans work? Because there is strength in numbers, and valuable relationships in small groups. It’s easy to feel like one of the masses in a huge gym, filled with hundreds of people zoning out to television or music while ceaselessly cycling or treading. Working in a small group is a chance to work closely with just a few people, usually 2-4 others, taking a fitness journey together. What can you gain from small group fitness plans?


Three Ways You Will Enjoy Small Group Fitness Training

1. Support – When you begin a fitness journey, or even if you’re somewhere in the middle–especially if you’re in the middle, support can make or break you. Beginning a fitness journey can be hard. It’s new territory, and learning to exercise daily and choose healthy foods can feel overwhelming. Small group fitness plans give you the opportunity to meet with others who might be beginners who can relate to you and give you strength, or it might give you others who are a little farther into their fitness journeys and can encourage you on to greater achievements.

2. Nutritional Advice – Small group fitness is a great place to get nutritional advice. Working with a personal trainer in a small group setting not only allows him or her to give nutritional advice, but it brings up discussions of healthy options that other are trying, and gives your small group a chance to discuss what nutrition plans work for their bodies. For example, your regular nutrition plan might be eating an overabundance of fruits and vegetables, while skimping on anything else. While that might be helping you lose weight and stay healthy, you might learn from other members in your small group fitness, or from your fitness trainer, that you aren’t actually getting enough fiber in your diet, so you’re not maximizing the power of your nutrition to help your body. Little helpful tips of nutritional advice can help keep you on track towards your fitness goals.

3. Fitness Workouts – Small group fitness workouts are some of the best. Your trainer will arrange workouts that will benefit each member of the group, and help the group work together. When you’re working out with friends, the routine falls away and it simply becomes an enjoyable time to laugh and work towards goals together. Laughing is great because it burns extra calories! You can learn fitness workouts from your personal trainer, as well as taking away fitness tips from your small group.

If you are considering working with a personal trainer, or just need a little kickstart to your workouts, consider a small group fitness plan. The support, nutritional advice, and fitness workouts are just three small perks of a small group. Working with a trainer gives you one-on-one guidance, but having members of your small group there gives you friendships and understanding for where you are in your fitness journey.

Nicholas Osborne