We strive to offer the public what they need when it comes to working with a health consultant Columbus.

Our trainers work hard to help you with your weight loss in every aspect. The first step to our program starts by getting to know your personally.  First, we learn your time schedule, so we can set up the perfect time for you to start you gym routine.  We then look at your home environment (we don’t get too personal, we just need to know a few things) but a little knowledge of your stress level, physical condition  can help us better access your success rate.

We care about your nutrition and we will take a look at the foods you bring in the house, advise you on what to dispose of and what to keep to make it easier to learn good eating habits.  We will ask you to give us an example of what kinds of foods you eat for breakfast, lunch and supper. We will also need to know if you are a junk food eater and if so, what do you snack on.


Do you like fruits and vegetables? If so, which ones do you prefer.  These questions are important to determine how we can help modify your diet.

We will also ask you things like whether or not you are a nighttime eater.  If so, we will help you choose a lighter, healthier snack that will digest easier during the night.

Once we get all of this information, we can then start creating what is the best and easiest way for you to work out and diet.  With a Columbus health consultant, you will feel like you are the only person in the whole gym they are focused on; you become number one once the routine gets underway.

The health consultant will start you off with some cardio to loosen your muscles and to get your heart rate a little higher then usual.  We will gradually work you into a full work out routing which will keep you on track.

After the first three or four weeks, you will start to notice the benefits that comes with having a trainer, you will start to sleep better, feel better and look better. So when asked if a health consultant from Columbus can help you with weight loss all we can say is seeing is believing.

What are you waiting for? Join us now.

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Nicholas Osborne