Microbes Immune System

The cold and flu season is upon us! There are some people that never seem to get though. Or when everyone was exposed to the same virus, why do only some people get sick?

It has a lot to do with your immune system and its strength. The health of your digestive system impacts the strength of your immune system.

It is your immune system that protects you when you come in contact with a virus or bacteria. Your body can work to keep the cold away when you have a stronger immune system. When your immune system is not at it best, that is when the virus can make its way in.


Microbes are live organisms that are in your digestive system. Your overall health is affected by these microbes.

These microbes can be good and help to fight out disease. When your body is introduced to a treat, the good microbes begin to protect you from the treat. Having a lack of these microbes in your digestive system can cause you to end up sick. This can not only make a difference for the flu and colds, but also it will increase chances of Crohn’s, colitis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Your body is doing well when you have many good microbes in your digestive system. Unfortunately, these microbes can be exhausted. In fact, antibiotics, when taken, can remove both the good and bad bacteria. Antibiotics cannot single out the bad bacteria only.

This is not the only way we can lose our good bacteria. Other such ways are chemicals in your tap water, and foods that have pesticide residue on them.

When the good bacteria in your digestive system is rundown, it is opportune time for bad bacteria to grow. Some examples of bad bacteria are fungi, yeast, and other bacteria that can cause diseases. When there is more bad bacteria than good your immune system can be more easily over run.


Luckily, it is quite easy to tip your digestive track back in your favor! You can take probiotics. You can consume probiotics easily through your diet. The probiotics will remain in your digestive system and will help fight off colds, as well as getting rid of bad bacteria.

You can take probiotics through pills, or simply by adding yogurt to your diet. It is important that the yogurt you choose says it contains active cultures. The active cultures are the microbes you need.

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