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Moderation and Consistency In Exercising

Moderation and Consistency In Exercising Are Key

One of my favorite things in my career is getting a new client! There is nothing as exciting to see her/him ready to begin a new fitness journey, and willing to make some major life changes. They really have a contagious inspiring energy about them, and getting to watch their transformation is what I train for!

There is one problem I see over and over again at the beginning of people’s transformations- over-training. Their thought pattern appears to go, if 20 of an exercise is good….. 30 is obviously better! The thought is that, more is better and leads to faster results. In this case, it is not true! Training this way can cause injuries, and possibly postpone future workouts. To be successful with your
fitness goals, it is more important to use moderation and consistency. When it comes to exercise and getting maximum results, you only need to do the minimum required!

Think about the use of medication as an example. For a headache, you may take 200mg of your favorite pain reliever. It is unnecessary to take more than that amount. Taking lOOOmg will not give you relief any faster, and can be harmful to your body. Over training your body will not get you quicker, or better, results. What it can do is cause you to burnout faster, or worse- cause injury! When you push yourself past your ability, without rest and recovery, you are more likely to tear or strain muscles.

When you first start your fitness adventure, use moderation instead of pushing at an impossible intensity to maintain. It is more likely to cause you to burnout and give up. Remember, moderation and consistency are key.

Doing something everyday has a greater impact than something you do occasionally.

Following your fitness plan and completing the minimum required daily may not be terribly exciting, and your daily growth may not be measurable. It is necessary to give the plan time to work, and you will be rewarded with results. You are becoming stronger daily, and others will start to notice.

Remember to take care of yourself, and do the minimum required for max results. When exercising, do what is necessary, not over! If you’re not sure what is necessary, we are always here to help!

If you are just beginning your fitness journey and want to know where you start, check out our fitness calculators. You can also download this article, Moderation and Consistency for future reference.