If you are not in range of the receiver you will go into “store mode” (this is when data is stored inside your MYZONE Physical Activity Belt) until you move into range of the receiver. You can move in and out of range and your MYZONE Physical Activity Belt will move from “stored mode” to “live streaming”. If you have gone out of range of the MYZONE receiver (into store mode) and then return within range of a MYZONE receiver, remember to upload any remaining stored data from your MYZONE Physical Activity Belt (within 10 metres of MYZONE receiver).


Q: How is my heart rate displayed on the screen in my MYZONE facility? Click For Answer

Once you have created your MYZONE account at www.myzonemoves.com your MYZONE Physical Activity Belt is automatically detected by the MYZONE receiver in the facility when within range. On the screen you will have a dedicated tile that shows your Alias name, calories burnt, current heart rate in beats per minute, MYZONE Effort Points and in the centre a % of your maximum effort.

Q: What do the beeps mean? Click For Answer

Summary of MYZONE Physical Activity Belt “Beeps” Storing data:
  • Start – belt is activated: 1 beep
  • Start – Begin recording: 3 beeps
  • End – there has been 15 seconds of inactivity: 1 beep
  • Uploading stored data to the MYZONE Console:
  • Start – belt is activated: 1 beep
  • Start Upload – you are back in range of a Console: 4 beeps
  • End Upload – the upload of stored data is complete: 2 beeps
  • Upload Failed – try again move nearer to the MYZONE Console and stand still: 1 long beep
Note: Remember to be within 5-10 metres of a MYZONE receiver to successfully upload your workout. Battery/Belt reset: The battery has been taken out and refitted: 1 long beep (this will erase any stored workouts remaining on the belt)

Q: How does my workout data upload to my MYZONE account? Click For Answer

Your personal workout data is wirelessly updated to your MYZONE account provided you are within 5-10 metres range of the MYZONE Console.

Q: How do I know my data has been successfully uploaded? Click For Answer

You will hear 1 beep to signify the belt is activated, 4 fast beeps to tell you your upload has started and then 2 short beeps if it is successful. If unsuccessful you will hear 1 long beep. Ensure the MYZONE Physical Activity Belt is connected and positioned correctly on your chest or you have both thumbs connected to the conductive ovals on the fabric strap, again with the belt connected.

Q: When will I receive my reports and be able to view my data online? Click For Answer

Within 30 minutes of your upload you will receive an email report to your nominated email account of your latest session. On the email there will be a link to myzonemoves.com. Data will be immediately available on your myzonemoves.com account.

Q: How many hours worth of data will my MYZONE Physical Activity Belt store before I have to upload it at my MYZONE facility? Click For Answer

The MYZONE Physical Activity Belt has a unique MYZONE memory that allows approximately 15 hours of activity (this will vary on exercise intensity) to be stored whilst exercising away from the MYZONE centre. It is recommended that you upload your activities as often as possible.

Q: Can I upload my data at home? Click For Answer

No, you can only upload your activity data at your MYZONE facility. Your belt still stores data away from your MYZONE facility, but will only upload when in range of the MYZONE console.

Q: How secure is my personal data? Click For Answer

Your data is stored on multiple MYZONE servers using data encryption. This ensures that the data is stored safely and can only be viewed by you, MYZONE and possibly your MYZONE facility. See privacy policy for further information.

Q: Do I need my own MYZONE Physical Activity Belt? Click For Answer

All MYZONE users own their MYZONE Physical Activity Belt. This allows you to create your own MYZONE account online and view your personal activity data over time.

Q: Can I have more than one MYZONE Physical Activity Belt? Click For Answer

You are only able to register 1 MYZONE Physical Activity Belt per MYZONE facility.

Q: I have a hairy chest. Can I still wear a MYZONE Physical Activity Belt? Click For Answer

Yes. You may however need to moisten the contact pads located on the fabric strap to improve the conductivity of the pads.

Q: I have a heart condition, should I take any special precautions when wearing my MYZONE Physical Activity Belt? Click For Answer

Yes. You should alert your instructor/teacher or person who has issued your MYZONE Physical Activity Belt of any heart condition you have or medication that you are taking. They will then be able to advise you appropriately about what intensities to exercise at. The MYZONE Physical Activity Belt is not a medical device.

Q: Can I use my MYZONE Physical Activity Belt with gym equipment and other heart rate watches? Click For Answer

Yes. The MYZONE Physical Activity Belt has an analogue 5.3 KHz frequency radio which is compatible with most brands of traditional cardiovascular equipment. This will also allow connectivity with most analogue heart rate watches.

Q: Are the MYZONE Physical Activity Belts waterproof? Click For Answer

No. Although they are water resistant and it is ok when you sweat on them, they are not waterproof. You should not submerge the belt in water or use it when swimming.

Q: How do you replace the battery in a MYZONE Physical Activity Belt ? Click For Answer

The MYZONE Physical Activity Belt uses standard CR2032 lithium batteries. You can change your battery by unscrewing the battery cap anticlockwise on the reverse of your belt module, then fit the new battery into the recess, making sure that the positive terminal (indicated by “+”) is facing upwards. Replace the battery cover then screw back clockwise tightly into position. You will hear a long single beep to indicate the belt is reset and working.


Q: What is Max Heart Rate? Click For Answer

Maximum heart rate is the highest heart rate an individual can safely achieve through exercise stress, and depends on age.

Q: How does MYZONE calculate my MAX heart rate? Click For Answer

MYZONE uses a formula derived by Londeree and Moeschberger (University of Missouri) to automatically establish your MAX HR based on your age Max HR = 206.3 – (0.711 x age) This is based on population norms. If you are able to push your maximum HR past this limit your MYZONE profile will automatically adjust to this new limit. You can also ask your coach/trainer/teacher to adjust your maximum heart rate if it does not appear to be accurate or if you have completed a maximum heart rate test.

Q: Will my MAX heart rate change over time? Click For Answer

Your maximum heart rate will reduce as you get older. It will not change aside from this although your ability to maintain a higher heart rate will increase with training.

Q: What is resting heart rate and will my resting heart rate change over time? Click For Answer

Resting heart rate is the number of times your heart beats per minute at rest. It is best to measure this first thing in the morning. As you become fitter your resting heart rate will reduce as your heart becomes more efficient.

Q: How does MYZONE establish my resting heart rate? Click For Answer

MYZONE sets your resting heart rate to 100bpm (beats per minute) as standard. When you first register your belt it is recommended that you perform a resting heart rate test. This involves sitting or lying comfortably while wearing your belt for 10 minutes, ideally in the morning. When you next upload your data at the MYZONE Console your resting heart rate will recalculate to your actual resting value. You can also ask your coach/trainer/teacher to adjust your resting heart rate if it does not appear to be accurate or if you have completed a resting heart rate test.

Q: How does MYZONE calculate the 5 intensity Zones? Click For Answer

MYZONE uses five colour-coded Heart Rate Zones to establish the effort that users exert based on their maximum heart rate (Max HR). The effort is expressed as a percentage of the user’s Max HR. The five Heart Rate Zones are:
  • Grey = 50% to 60% of Max HR
  • Blue = 60% to 70% of Max HR
  • Green = 70% to 80% of Max HR
  • Yellow = 80% to 90% of Max HR
  • Red = 90% to 100% of Max HR
MYZONE also allows facilities to establish target heart rate zones taking into account the users resting heart rate. This is known as the Karvonen Formula.

Q: What are MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs)? Click For Answer

MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs) are earned based on the effort exerted by the user. Time spent in each Heart Rate Zone earns different numbers of MEPs:
  • Grey = 1 MEPs per minute (50 – 60% of effort)
  • Blue = 2 MEPs per minute
  • Green = 3 MEPs per minute
  • Yellow = 4 MEPs per minute
  • Red = 4 MEPs per minute

Q: How does MYZONE calculate calories burnt? Click For Answer

MYZONE calculates the number of calories burnt by taking into account a number of personal details including your sex, weight and heart rate.

Q: Is it important for me to update my body metrics regularly? Click For Answer

Yes. As calories burnt are calculated based on your weight it is important that you regularly update your weight. You can do this either manually in your Personal Health Report or by using approved compatible MYZONE scales. For more information on using compatible MYZONE scales see the “more info tab” within your account under health report.

Q: What’s the best way to determine if my fitness has improved using heart rate? Click For Answer

By measuring your resting heart rate over a period of time or by repeating an identical exercise session and comparing your average heart rate in your MYZONE Activity report. When your resting or average heart rate goes down your heart is becoming more efficient and therefore you are increasing your level of fitness.

Q: What affects my heart rate response day to day? Click For Answer

Many factors affect your resting and heart rate during exercise including the amount of sleep you have had, stress, nutrition, hydration, heavy training, fatigue, adrenaline, competition, and mental focus.

Q: Why is it so important to monitor heart rate and how much effort I am putting in? Click For Answer

Knowing what intensity you are working at is essential to ensure you get the most from your exercise sessions and get the results you want. It also assists you to train safely and effectively when not under the guidance of a trainer or coach.