Owner and Founder

Nick Osborne

The secret to the gym's success is not just the exercises that Nick trains clients on, but how the coaches and staff work with clients. His coaches focus on every aspect of the clients’ lives that can affect them getting the results they want. His systems provides nutrition education, cardio workouts, and metabolic circuit training, as well as foam rolling and stretching programs to each and every client.

Nick used his Integrated Functional Coaching System® to train himself to win 17 U.S. titles in full-contact and traditional Kung Fu, and a World Championship in Traditional Kung Fu, and he is the only person to win N.A.S.S.’s North America’s Strongest Man twice.

The IFCS has also been used in training professional athletes, World’s Strongest Man champion, Phil Pfister, The Ohio State University varsity football, wrestling and field hockey teams, as well as more than 10,000 people around the world get the bodies they want.

Owns GO: Fitness, GO: Fitness Italian Village, GO: Sports Performance Center

Ohio State University

• Strength Specialist for Varsity Football (1 Year)

• Strength & Conditioning Coach for Varsity Wrestling (3 Years)

• Strength & Conditioning Coach for Varsity Women’s Field Hockey (3 Years)

• Ohio State Chairman and Coach (8 years)

Strongest Man Competitions

• Won North America’s Strongest Man (only person to have one twice)

• Member of North America’s Strongman Society’s Hall of Fame

• Coached 2006 World’s Strongest Man winner Phil Pfister

• Coached 2006 World’s Strongest Man Third Place competitor Don Pope

• Coached 2003 Strongest Woman in U.S. & 8th strongest woman in the World Jennifer Aylward


• 12 Time U.S. National Champion for Chinese Wrestling (Shuai-chiao)

• 5 time National Full Contact Kung Fu Champion contact (San-Shou)

• 2 time winner North America's Strongest Man

• World Champion in oldest style of Combat Kung-Fu known (Shuai-chiao) and ranked in the top 5 in the world for 4 straight years

Industry Leader

• Appeared on Discovery Health’s “The Body Fantastic”

• Technical Advisor 2005-2007 Arnold Strongman Classic

• Co-wrote two best-selling books

• Invited industry public speaker

• Industry business and programming consultant