GO: Fitness offers amenities and services that are proven to help you reach your goals, not just have you reach in your pocket.

The supportive products and services that are included in your GO: Fitness Italian Village membership or that you can purchase separately are offered because they support our Functional Training philosophy of working out with the kinds of movements you use outside of the gym and have fun doing it!

All of our services and amenities are here for you to get the results you want and to have fun while doing it.


Click Here to view our Free Online Workout Software Training – Powered by ActivTrax

Want precise guidance with what to do while you are here? We give you ActivTrax exercise and nutrition plans to help you save time and frustration by laying out realistic meal plans and progressive workouts that fit your current abilities and goals. The customized and easy to follow workouts focus on muscle toning, weight loss, increased strength, cardiovascular abilities, and energy levels. Keep up with your weekly attendance (choose a 2, 3 or 4 day-a-week program) and you'll begin seeing the results in just 2 to 6 weeks.


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Tired of fad diets and miracle pills? You already know the truth, real success comes from a complete balanced nutrition, correct level of calories, and from real healthful foods. Vitabot has the power to help you succeed. Other systems just email you a list of foods, or help you count calories. Vitabot works with you like your own private nutritionist to help you create completely balanced diets using your favorite foods. You are in control of your goals, favorite foods, and choices. Imagine how you would look and feel if you were truly eating right.


The first service that puts you on the path for success is every membership has personal coaching (training) built right into it. The 30 minutes of personal coaching is your time to get whatever you need (short of a written workout or diet) to help you get the fitness level and body you want. Need advice, new exercises, a review of form, or body measurements? You can use your monthly 30 minutes with our fitness center Coaches for any of these. Remember, we’re here to help keep you moving toward success, instead of wandering around the training center and hoping you see results through trial and error. Click Here to view 25 Ideas for Your Monthly Consultation


The Group Exercise classes we offer at our fitness center will keep you on track with exercising. Because we understand that for some, success comes in working out to a set appointment, our classes are included complimentary in our memberships. We believe everyone should have the right to take classes as a change up, or as an anchor to their fitness program, so we don’t charge extra for them. We offer Rep & Step, Bootcamp, and two types of Yoga. These classes are not dance oriented, but you are lifting and moving to music.


The BodyGem® is a small handheld breathing device that will tell you exactly the minimum number of calories your body needs to function. With this measurement you can then work with your coach to devise a nutritional, exercise, and supplement plan that will help you get the body you want.


Polar® Heart Rate Monitors are similar to having a fitness center coach on your wrist telling when to speed up or slow down your exercise activity to keep you going at your optimal pace towards safely and effectively increasing your fitness level.


The MYZONE® belt improves quality of life by providing an accurate monitoring system to encourage effort during physical activity. It can help any age, shape and size to live an active life.


Through various levels of vibration promoting blood flow, our Power Plate® increases oxygen and nutrients to your muscles creating healthier muscle tissue and increased strength and flexibility during your workout.


The Basic Elements® line of vitamins and supplements was created for active people wanting real lasting results. Split into four goals -- Thrive, Nourish, Shape, and Perform -- Basic Elements® helps you achieve and continue on with higher nutrition level. Basic Elements® products are only offered through quality health clubs around the country and cannot be purchased through traditional retail outlets.


The Functional resistance training and equipment is top of the line to help you have fun working out for whatever your life takes to enjoy. We will help you strengthen the movements you use outside our Center. With our wide selection of free-weights, medicine balls, rubber bands, stability training equipment, and FreeMotion® functional machines you will work your entire body and balance system as opposed to singling out each muscle or small muscle group. Because you will be using more muscle groups at a time, you will be expending more calories at once and gaining overall strength and tone.


Our Fitness Center Coaches and Master Coaches provide a 12 point body fat test and functional movement assessment to help get you started on an accurate workout plan that precisely fits you and will keep you on track with your fitness goals.


Self Myo-fascial release foam rollers and balls help your muscles be strong, but also stay flexible. The rollers come in a variety of densities to help you with your pre and post workout routines from stretching, to deep tissue self-massage, to support your muscles through your exercise plans.


Our complimentary lockers, showers and towel service help you save time so you can workout whenever it is most convenient to you and not have to travel home to clean up afterwards.