Race Training/Pelotonia BYA


We are having our Pelotonia Fund Raising Saturday BYA Workouts again this year!

(4 Years running)


These workouts are designed to have 4 main goals:

  1. Get you ready for a Mud/Obstacle Course Race
  2. Get you in great Shape & Burn Body Fat
  3. Have Fun & Gain Strength and Confidence
  4. Raise Funds for Pelotonia’s Cancer Research

You do not have to be any kind of athlete to do these workouts or even be in great physical shape.

We are here to help with getting you in shape and coach you on how to do the workouts along the way.

All Proceeds will go to the GO: Fitness Pelotonia Team (pelotonia.org/GoFitness)

We do have a team forming to do the Spartan Race this year if you are interested. You’re Invited!

The workouts will be every Saturday @ Noon, for 9 Saturdays, beginning March 18th

Race WOrkout Dates

 Workout Locations: Most of our workouts will be held at one of our 2 locations: 

  • GO: Fitness - IV: 842 N. 4th St. Columbus, OH 43215 : (614) 347-3012
  • GO: Fitness - GV: 1459 King Ave. Columbus, OH 43212 : (614) 481-8080

The schedule will be announced a Minimum of 2 weeks in advance.

If you are asking what you should sign up for, here are some suggestions:

  • Now, if you have to miss 1 or 2, the first option is still the best price.
  • If you can only attend 5, then the second option is better for you.
  • Non-members – you’re invited too! If you are not a current member of either GO: Fitness location, use these buttons.
    • (if you are not a member and purchase member pricing, we will need to charge you the difference when you attend)

Non-Members click one of these options:

1 Non Member All
Non Member 5 b

Members click one of these options:

Member Allb
1 Member 5

Workout overview:

  • Each workout will be different. So it will keep you physically learning and adapting, as well as keeping you from getting bored.
  • We will be focusing on conditioning you to be able to do any mud or obstacle course race you can sign up for.
  • We will not focus much on running/jogging, because you can do that on your own.
  • The workouts will be intense enough that you will burn calories for up to 24 hours.
  • Workouts will include Lifting, Carrying, Climbing, Crawling and Pushing. (Doesn’t that sound like fun?)
  • The coaches running these workouts have years of training experience and have done a lot of Mud/OC races.
  • We are going to keep our number of participants to around 20, so sign up soon.

If you have additional questions, feel free to email us: