Spring in Your step

Spring In Your Step

Spring clean your house while putting a Spring in your step!

Spring is in the air and we know what that means! It’s time for some spring cleaning! Let’s bring in the new and take out the old, including that winter body you’ve been hiding! Here are some great ways to clean out your house while shaping up for summer.

First let’s start with the kitchen!

Doing dishes can be so tedious! Try adding a squat every time you put a dirty dish in the dishwasher. Don’t have a dishwasher? No problem, do some leg kick-backs while standing at the sink.

After you have your dishes washed up, it’s time to wipe down all the cupboards. Do a calf raise up to reach the top and squat low to get that bottom cupboard door.

The last thing to do in the kitchen that will help your health is cleaning out that fridge and pantry. If it’s expired pitch it! If it’s junk food pitch it! It’s time to start over and start fresh this spring! Bring all your healthy foods to the front and keep readily available snacks like trail mix, fresh fruits, or protein bars handy for when you’re on the go.

Next, let’s tackle the bathroom!

When scrubbing those shower walls make large arm circles to really work those shoulders and back muscles. Don’t be afraid to put some elbow grease into it! Now – mopping those floors, you can engage that core to create a side twist with every motion.

Finally, cleaning up the living room.

If you have high book shelves, try using a step ladder to reach the top and take a step up and down with every swipe, this is creating your very own step aerobics machine. Vacuuming can seem like a chore to do, but try adding lunges with every step. You can also get a good chest and back workout with vacuuming as ever; pushing forward is a chest press, and bringing the vacuum back is a row.

There are plenty of ways to get a workout in just by cleaning your house. Try breaking up the load you need to carry when taking the stairs. This creates more trips up and down the stairs with a little extra weight you have to carry each time.

So turn on your favorite workout pandora station, lace up those tennis shoes, and start cleaning! Your house will look good as new and your body will thank you for the hard work you’ve put in.

After you get all your house work done, come in to the gym and checkout the classes we offer.