Obesity and poor general health is a common problem in the United States, although Ohio may have these things in worse proportions. According to the United Health Foundation’s “America’s Health Rankings” report, the Buckeye State ranked 40th (out of 50 states) in terms of the overall quality of health of its citizens.

The Twinsburg Bulletin wrote, “Ohio residents suffer from air pollution, diabetes, and preventable hospitalizations, according to the report. A comparison of Ohio with top-ranked Hawaii, however, zeroes in on three preventable factors: obesity, smoking, and diabetes. Ohio is 38th for its prevalence of obesity, 39th for smoking and 45th for diabetes, the same factors that dragged 50th ranked Mississippi to the bottom of the chart.”

This information must serve as a rude awakening to those who think that a lifestyle change isn’t their concern. While the report also stated that only about 30 percent of the state’s adult population is considered obese, that figure has been increasing since 1990 and will continue to do so. If people find it difficult to start a simple exercise routine, then they should go to fitness centers to help them out.

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The inclusion of a trainer is deemed necessary by some experts because they’ve discovered that it’s not the strenuous and time-consuming process that turns people off to the whole weight-loss thing, but boredom and fear of injury.

With a helping hand that’s willing to support them, people may find it easier to carry out an exercise program and stick with it. It could range from simple jogging exercises to full-blown cardio and strength workouts every week. Not only that, the trainers can also monitor their client’s food intake so as to help him or her gain the right nutrients at the right amounts.

The other benefits of working with a Columbus personal training service is the guarantee that exercise routines are carried out properly and on time. A trainer can also determine if their client is indeed suited to a particular exercise to reduce the chances of injury. There is also the fact that people who work with personal trainers are obliged to follow their program and are thus more likely to lose weight no matter how tiring or laborious it may be.

If these things were remembered by heart, perhaps the next America’s Health Rankings report would present Ohio in a more positive light.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Ohio Ranked 40th State for Health, Twinsburg Bulletin, December 27, 2013)

Nicholas Osborne