Surviving Holiday Weight Gain

Surviving Holiday Weight Gain

Surviving Holiday Weight Gain Is Possible!

Holidays are very problematic for exercise routines and diets! There are too many tempting treats everywhere you look. The busy schedule this time of year brings doesn’t help.

There is some good news though, you can make it through this season and not gain any weight. It won’t be easy, and will take work on your part. When the new year hits and your scale has not gone up, you will be much happier!


What is the plan, you ask? During these though busy months, it is best to try and maintain your current weight. You will be able to enjoy your holidays more than if you are depriving yourself through it all. This way you can have one or two treats, but keep your weight at that steady number.

You can accomplish this by:

  • WORKING OUT – Don’t skip this part! Even a moderately intense workout can burn enough calories to keep the scale from moving. Working out can help keep you motivated, it will be harder to over eat after you get a good workout in.
  • BREAKFAST – When you eat breakfast regularly, you will eat less calories during the day.
  • FOOD DIARY – If you eat it, write it down! Even just one chip or cracker. It has been proven that doing this will help you control your weight more.
  • HUNGER – Do not go to a dinner party or event starving. Try having a protein filled snack and a glass of water before attending anything like this. You will be able to control your temptations better.
  • MONITOR WEIGHT – We don’t usually suggest such an action, but in this case it is a good idea. This can help keep you on track. You know what to do if that scale starts to go up.
  • PORTION CONTROL – Always be conscious of your portion size, but especially now. Learn what the correct portion is for you, and follow it.
  • LEFTOVERS – It is hard to stay away from those unhealthy leftovers. Try freezing them, giving it away, or even throw them away if you need to.
  • CHECK IN – Keep imagining it is January and you have made it through the Holidays without gaining one pound. Even thank yourself for making it through this busy season.
  • TELL SOMEONE – It becomes all the more real when you tell someone your goals, and that’s a good thing. This will help keep you on track, as well as motivated to tell that person your achieving it!

See, there are things you can do to fight that holiday weight gain. Keep these tips handy and get ready for a whirlwind of parties, food, and lights!

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