You do! Most of us aren’t so fond of core workouts: they’re really challenging, and we don’t usually see immediate benefits from them. But working your core is such an important part of your fitness routine! If you’re not already hitting your core when you visit the gym, here are a few reasons to start:

Your Core Workout Helps Flattens Your Belly

You can’t “spot treat” areas for weight loss…but you can tone the muscles to create more definition as you lose weight all over your body. As you get closer to your weight loss goals, you’ll notice a difference in the way your muscles look—not just the size of your body. Tight abdominal muscles also reduce that belly pooch that so many of us are looking to banish at the gym.


Other Physical Activities Get Easier

Our core muscles do so much for our bodies, and most sports call on our core strength pretty consistently. As you strengthen the muscles of your core, these other activities will get easier. Who’d have thought that your gym workouts would make those recreational soccer games easier, right?

Posture Will Improve

You may be wondering why posture matters, but great posture helps keep our bodies healthy and happy. Most of us spend all day slouching forward, throwing off our alignment. Over time, our shoulders get stooped, and some of our core muscles may even atrophy. Core exercises can help reverse this, preserving and encouraging your body’s natural alignment, which prevents a wide variety of injuries.

Stability & Balance Will Improve Too

The muscles in your core are true workhorses, holding your body up all day long and enabling most of our movement. If they’re not all strong, they can’t work together as effectively. So incorporate exercises that target your hips, pelvis, back, and abs. Improved balance and stability means we’re less likely to hurt ourselves during a wide variety of physical activities, from simply walking down the street to doing a challenging weight lifting session.

Many core exercises don’t require special equipment. If you travel often or simply don’t always have the time to hit the gym, a core workout is the perfect solution. Your personal trainer can recommend moves that target different core muscle groups. Before you try flying solo, however, ask your trainer to watch you perform each exercise. Getting your form correct ensures that you get the most from your workout.

Not sure where to start? Your personal trainer is the best person to recommend a core workout that will help you reach your fitness goals. For the best results, you’ll want to integrate core training with strength building and cardio.

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